Bill Walton: The Best Quotes During The UTAH-Arizona Game

Huntsman Center. Salt Lake City, Utah

Bill Walton was at it again.

Whether you love him or you hate him, Walton — one of the most off-the-wall announcers in all of college basketball — put on another show during Utah’s home basketball game against No. 14 Arizona.

It wasn’t quite the performance he put on during the Utah-BYU basketball game last month, but he still provided plenty of laughs.

The NBA Hall-of-Famer was his usual self with animal sounds and referencing the Pac-12 as being the “Conference of Champions” every other minute. From Isaac Newton, Justin Bieber and New Year’s resolutions, here’s some of the best quotes/videos below:

Isaac Newton

“Today is Isaac Newton’s birthday. He wrote about the laws of motion. Right now we’re seeing it all move for Arizona.”

Justin Bieber?

“Justin Bibbins, not related to Justin Bieber I’m told. We have our people looking into it though.”


Failed New Year’s Resolution

Dave Pasch: “I had a New Year’s resolution. Had.”

Bill Walton: “What was it?”

Dave Pasch: “Well you’re still here …”

Bill Walton: The Best Quotes During The BYU-UTAH Game (W/Videos)

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