The second week of the College Football Playoff rankings were released Tuesday night with another round of surprise decisions by the committee.

The top seven teams all remained the same as Alabama (8-0), Notre Dame (9-0), Clemson (8-1) and Ohio State (4-0) continue to occupy the top four spots. The Buckeyes stayed ahead of a pair of one-loss teams in Texas A&M (6-1) and Florida (7-1), as well as undefeated Cincinnati (8-0) despite having played just four games.

For BYU, Tuesday was a mix of good and bad news. While the team did move up one spot in the rankings to No. 13, the Cougars still find themselves behind three two-loss teams in No 8 Georgia (6-2), No. 9 Iowa State (7-2) and No. 11 Oklahoma (6-2). BYU is also still outside the threshold to qualify for a New Year’s Six bowl game.

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Despite all the media and fanfare about BYU’s ridiculously low ranking last week, the media outrage didn’t change the minds of the playoff committee this week. In past years, the playoff committee has made some adjusts and revaluated teams from week to week, but the playoff committee has doubled down on its perception of BYU.

BYU’s move up to No. 13 was due to Michigan State’s upset win over Northwestern (5-1). The Wildcats dropped six spots to check in at No. 14. However, based on the committee’s view of BYU, the Cougars could very well get passed by teams behind them.

The Cougars not only need teams in front of them to lose, but they also need help so that teams behind them don’t jump them. For example, Oklahoma State (6-2) hung on to defeat Texas Tech (3-6) 50-44 at home last week. For whatever reason, a close win over a three-win team was enough for the Cowboys to jump from No. 23 last week, to No. 15 this week. With 2-3 teams in front of BYU likely to lose (Indiana, Iowa State, etc.), Cougar fans better hope there are many more upsets in the weeks to come to to help secure the program’s first NY6 bowl game.

Here’s how the media and fans reacted after the rankings came out:

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College Football Playoff Rankings — Dec. 1

1. Alabama
2. Notre Dame
3. Clemson
4. Ohio State
5. Texas A&M
6. Florida
7. Cincinnati
8. Georgia
9. Iowa State
10. Miami
11. Oklahoma
12. Indiana
13. BYU
14. Northwestern
15. Oklahoma State
16. Wisconsin
17. North Carolina
18. Coastal Carolina
19. Iowa
20. USC
21. Marshall
22. Washington
23. Oregon
24. Tulsa
25. Louisiana

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