BYU Football: The Best Tweets From Jonny Linehan, ‘The Most Interesting Man In The World’

Jonny Linehan is making a difference one tweet at a time.

The BYU punter has become a household name on social media and is must-follow on Twitter. From cracking jokes about campus life, Provo’s “lack of nightlife,” dabbing in practice and hilariously photobombing coaches after the game, Linehan has become a fan favorite.

The former BYU rugby star from Auckland, New Zealand — who helped the Cougars win three national championships before turning his attention to the football team — isn’t afraid to bust your chops either if you call him an Australian.

The 6-foot 205-pound senior enjoys making people smile and uses social media to show that BYU athletes are just like everyone else — minus the immense consumption of chocolate milk — and that “punters are people too.”

“Social media is powerful,” Linehan said. “It can be a useful tool in helping people realize that punters are people and that BYU athletes are actually like normal people and not wierdos.”

With his ability to poke fun at even himself, like when he was called on to run a fake punt from his own end zone on 4th-and-19 against Boise State last year that failed miserably — yet didn’t end up costing the Cougars any points — Linehan made a “Valentines Meme” out of it for some more laughs.

Come Saturday night, Linehan will put on a BYU uniform for the final time as the Cougars take on Hawaii in the final game of the season. Win or lose, Linehan will go down as one of BYU’s most entertaining/likable players in program history.

I mean, who else makes a Luke Bryan parody about Puntin’, Kickin’ and Lovin’ Every Day? While it hasn’t crack the Billboard Top 100 yet, Linehan has already captured the hearts of Cougar fans and those from opposing teams too.

So grab some popcorn, sit back and enjoy some of Linehan’s best tweets:

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