BYU’s Cosmo The Cougar Goes Viral, Social Media Reacts To Epic Dance With Cougarettes

Cosmo the Cougar has some moves!

The BYU mascot put on a show Friday night as the team took on Boise State in a primetime game on ESPN. While the Cougar football program may be off to its worst start since 1970, at least the fans had something to cheer about as Cosmo joined the 16-time national champion BYU Cougarettes in a jaw-dropping performance during Friday’s Homecoming game.

This isn’t the first time Cosmo and the Cougarettes have gone viral after a similar performance last year in a game against Toledo.

There were plenty of jokes were made about the football team as well as many others poking fun at BYU which recently allowed caffeinated beverages back on campus. One commentator on CBS News even wanted Cosmo to teach her Zumba class. Here’s all the best reactions from around social media:

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