The Utah Jazz may have lost Game 1 Tuesday night on the hardwood, but at least they won the internet!

Early Monday morning reports came out that Golden State players wanted the Los Angeles Clippers to advance to the Western Conference Semifinals over the Jazz because of the lack of “nightlife” in Salt Lake City.

Don’t worry Jazz fans, players, coaches, and executives were listening.

Joe Ingles even joked with reporters afterward that they can still go to L.A. between games if they want on their private jet. The Australian then even said he would even pay for a car to get the Warriors some much-needed time in Las Vegas between games.

But just before Tuesday’s game tipped off, Jazz president Steve Starks posted on Twitter a picture of the new T-shirts with the words “#Nightlife” printed on the chest.

Marketing genius.

Starks then followed it up by telling fans that the new shirts will be available to purchase online on Wednesday and will be available to purchase at the arena for Game 3 on Saturday.

While it was a fantastic play off the bulletin board material given by the Warriors, the Jazz made sure it was going to a good cause.

Earlier this season, the Jazz partnered with Qualtrics to raise money for cancer research. The firm will sponsor a patch on the front of the jersey over the next three years with the words “5 For The Fight.” The organization is trying to eliminate cancer with the goal of raising at least $50 million. And with the way Jazz fans responded on social media, they’ll likely hit that figure pretty soon.

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