Ryder Cup 2016: Fan heckles Rory McIlroy (Team Europe), goes viral after making $100 putt

There’s been plenty of incredible plays that have been made this year, but this one might top them all.

In the final practice before the Ryder Cup — a biannual competition between Europe and the United States — Team Europe’s Rory Mcllroy and Andy Sullivan were struggling making some putts on the sixth hole. After coming up short six times each, the crowd started to get restless.

David Johnson, who made the trip from North Dakota, starting shouting and heckling the players saying that he could even make the putt.

That’s when Sweden’s Henrik Stenson did something that Johnson will never forget.

The 17-year pro went over to Johnson and decided to give the heckler the chance to back-up his statement. After bringing him down to the green, Stenson handed him a putter as the crowd went silent. Justin Rose then got in on the action as he laid down a crisp $100 bill right next to the ball and told Johnson that if he made it, he could keep the cash.

So after a few practice swings, Johnson took a deep breath before sinking the 12-foot putt at the Hazeltine National Golf Club in Minnesota.

The crowd erupted as the North Dakota native threw up several fist pumps before dropping his putter as he began by high-fiving players and camera men.

“Someone in the crowd yelled I could have made that, so we let him have a go,” Stenson told reporters afterwards. “All credit to him — Rosie put $100 down and the guy drilled it in the center.”

When asked what was going through his mind after the putt went in, Johnson said, “I just soaked it in and enjoyed every minute of it. It’s something that I’ve never going to forget that’s for sure.”

Each member of Team Europe then signed the winning golf ball. And as for the $100 bill, Johnson said he’s going to frame it and hang it in his office.

Ryder Cup History: The Ryder Cup has been going on since 1927. The tournament is a biennial men’s golf competition between teams from Europe and the United States. The U.S leads the overall series 25-13, however, Team Europe has dominated lately winning six of the last seven matches.

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