Bastian Schweinsteiger is a soccer legend who led Germany to the World Cup title in 2014. Now the superstar is in United States after signing a contract with the Chicago Fire and was introduced this week.

And let’s just say, his press conference didn’t get off to a great start.

The midfielder was asked a rather embarrassing question from a Derek Henkle, a video journalist for AFP. Henkle asked Schweinsteiger if he expects that his addition to the team will be enough to lead the Chicago fire to the World Cup.

Wait, what?!

Obviously, the reporter was sent to cover the event without any real knowledge of the sport because the World Cup consists of national teams. Seriously, doesn’t everyone know that? Even the bandwagon fans every four years know this!

That’s like asking LeBron James if he’s going to lead the Cavs to an Olympic gold medal.

Of course, the question has gone viral as fans and even the Chicago Fire even had some fun at Henkle’s expense.

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