In his article — Rushing the field? Gay slur sign more embarrassing to BYU — Salt Lake Tribune TV reporter Scott Pierce didn’t like a sign he saw during a BYU football game against Mississippi State last week.

The Cougars won the game in double overtime for its first home win over an SEC program as fans rushed the field in celebration after Jamaal Willaims also set the all-time school rushing record.

The sign said: “You can’t say Mississippi without saying sissy.”

Pierce went on to blast the women for her sign saying, “it was truly embarrassing” and wrote about how the word sissy is a gay slur.

Fans from both BYU and the Univesity of Utah blasted Pierce for his article, especially after users caught Pierce using the gay slur on Twitter a few years ago.

This was how the sports world reacted to the news.

Ute fans even got in the act saying it’s the most united Holy War fans have ever been.

It didn’t take long for somebody to start editing the Wikipedia definition of sissy as the roasting continued. The new definition reads, “anyone reading his article realized this was a stretch and his credibility was then destroyed.”