After winning the South Division and nearly beating Washington for a Rose Bowl berth in the Pac-12 Championship game, Utah fans have a lot to cheer about with a majority of the team coming back this year.

And the news only continues to get better as the athletic department recorded record-revenues in 2018. The final audit was recently completed showing revenues of $91.3 million compared to just $87.5 million in expenses. On a year-over-year basis, revenues jumped by $7.7 million while expenses rose by $5.9 million.

The table below outlines how the University has fared over the past four years.

2015 2016 2017 2018
Revenues $62.4M $79.4M $83.6M $91.3M
Expenses $58.7M $78.0M $81.6M $87.5M

Utah Athletics: 2018 Expenses Hit $87.5 Million

Revenue continues to soar since the school first joined the Pac-12 with revenue more than doubling ($40.8M) since its first season in 2011. The figure is even more staggering when compared to its last year in the Mountain West Conference when the program had revenue of just $30.9 million. In less than a decade, revenue has tripled which has allowed the University to reinvest that money into the program with numerous upgrades and new facilities.

Where The Revenue Came From

Utah received a big boost in ticket sales along with its conference affiliation to reach another all-time high during the past fiscal year. Of course, the biggest chunk of Utah’s revenue came from its Pac-12 affiliation as the Utes received more than $32 million from the conference.

The department recorded $18.7 million from ticket sales — an increase of nearly $1.7 million from the previous year. Football accounted for most of the ticket sales with $14.6 million, which is up 1.2 million from the previous year.

Men’s basketball tallied $2.5 million — right in-line with previous years — with women’s gymnastics jumping up to $545,897 compared to $474,497. The program also received nearly $9.4 million in contributions, up nearly $600,000 from last season.

Breaking it down further, Utah received $22.4 million in media rights, $9.9 million in royalties and licensing deals, $9.5 million in conference distributions, $3.2 million in NCAA distributions and $1.9 million in concession sales/parking, according to the report.

Also, for the first time since joining the Pac-12 Conference, revenue from student fees dropped. After pulling $6.05 million in 2017, this past year saw $5.95 million used which accounts for roughly six percent of Utah’s total revenue last year.

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