Want guaranteed wins? The Milwaukee Bucks have a ticket package just for you

How come nobody thought of this sooner?

The Milwaukee Bucks’ new ticket plan is bold and brilliant. Starting Friday, fans can buy a ticket pass for $149 which will be valid until the Bucks win 10 home games.

And we all thought the only thing that was guaranteed in life was death and taxes.

Thank you, Milwaukee.

That means if it takes the team 20, 30 or even 50 times to win 10 home games, fans will get to watch a lot of basketball games at the BMO Harris Bradley Center. The location of the seats will vary from game to game and fans will get their tickets on the day of the game through the team’s app.

So why are the Bucks — a decent NBA team — going down this path?

Despite a 19-18 record — good enough for a playoff spot in the East — and with two of the brightest stars in the game (Jabari Parker and Giannis Antetokounmpo), the Bucks rank near the bottom in NBA attendance.

And that’s why the Bucks are taking this creative approach.

With a number of NBA stars sitting out during the regular season, fans have been robbed of seeing the best players play throughout the season, especially when Eastern and Western Conference teams play just twice a year during the regular season.

And whether star players suit up or not, this new promotion will give fans want they want — wins. It may take a bit longer than 10 home games, but at least Buck fans will get their money’s worth.

Milwaukee is 11-9 at home so far this season with 21 home games remaining. And if the Bucks continue their pattern, fans will get to watch a lot more than just 10 games.

What do you think of the new promotion? Do you like it, and how many games will purchasers attend before the Bucks get to 10 wins? Leave your comment below.

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