Former Washington star receiver John Ross almost got his own island, the only problem was that he wore the wrong shoes at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis, Indiana.


Coming into the NFL Combine, Adidas thought it would make a great PR stunt by offering to buy an island — “as soon as reasonably possible” — for any athlete that broke Chris Johnson’s record (4.24) in the 40-yard dash. The only catch was that the players had to run in the company’s new cleats and then agree to endorse the company’s shoes for the entire 2017-18 season.

Ross ended breaking the record with a time of 4.22 and told reporters before the event that he expected to run under 4.3

News of the record went viral with many expecting Adidas to pay up on its promise. But what many people didn’t know was that Ross was running in Nike’s.

When asked about the idea of switching shoes and getting his own island, Ross smiled and said, “I really can’t swim that well. “And I don’t have a boat, so, you know, I had to run in Nikes.”

The PR stunt backfired for Adidas with Nike making all the headlines. Ross even ended up signing with them after his record sprint. Nike made sure to jump at the opportunity to take a couple swings at Adidas and started it all off with this tweet:

Although the tweet was pretty good, the comments were even better.

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