In 25 years of coaching at the NFL level, Andy Reid has carved a reputation as one of the sharpest offensive minds in the game. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t need help from time to time. Reid’s success can be credited to his openness to unconventional sources for fresh play concepts. And when he sees a good play, he tries it out.

In a recent chat on the Green Light with Chris Long podcast, the Kansas City chiefs had coach shared a surprising anecdote about a play he once incorporated into his playbook – a play gifted to him by none other than a janitor.

Yes, that’s right. A janitor.

Recalling the incident, Reid chuckled, “I remember this one time in Green Bay, a janitor came up to me and insisted he had a play for me. He kept asking me over and over again. So finally I said, ok, and I handed him a card and asked him to draw up the play. He drew up the play and I go ‘dang, that’s pretty good.'”

While it’s one thing to admire a play, it’s quite another to test it in an actual game. And Reid did just that, defying expectations. “We called that play just before halftime, and guess what? It scored,” Reid shared with a smile. “He starts hitting his wife and telling her ‘that’s my play, that’s my play’ and she’s going ‘yeah right.'”

Someone might want to call that janitor and offer him an offensive coordinator job.

While the exact timeline is unclear, it’s worth noting that Reid spent a good chunk of his coaching career in Green Bay. Initially, he served as the tight ends coach from 1992 to 1996 before progressing to the role of quarterbacks coach and assistant head coach for his final two seasons with the Packers (1997-98). This period saw him collaborating with luminaries like Jon Gruden, Mike Holmgren and Steve Mariucci.

Ever since assuming the role of an NFL head coach in 1999, Reid has consistently displayed a penchant for embracing novel ideas, regardless of their source. Remember, this is the same strategist who had his players engage in a game of “Ring around the Rosie” during a matchup against the Raiders last season. Given Reid’s proclivity for mining creativity from all corners, it’s entirely possible that this year could see more imaginative plays on the field – especially if the Chiefs boast any inventive janitors on their staff right now.

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