Donald Trump outlasted Hillary Clinton to become the 45th President of the United States early Wednesday morning.

Clinton outspent Trump 3-to-1 — yes, please insert 3-to-1 jokes here — but it wasn’t enough. There were plenty of jokes and reactions on Election night so without further ado, here they are.

1) Verizon was busy doing some promotion during the Presidential Election Tuesday night on Twitter and the timing couldn’t have been worse.

2) With a long night ahead, some people just wanted ESPN College GameDay analyst Lee Corso — who has a knack for picking the winning team every week — to call the election so they could go to bed.

3) Trump just making sure the elections weren’t rigged… right Donald?

4) There were plenty of football jokes as well…

5) Does Mitt Romney have any eligibility left? #HeShouldHaveRedshirted

6) The Simpsons predicted a Donald Trump presidency. The episode was first aired back in March of 2000. It wasn’t the first time that the Simpsons predicted an outcome.

7) Remember all those folks that said if Donald or Hillary became President of the United States they would flee to Canada? Well, it looks like that held true to their promise as the Canadian immigration website went down, likely due to server overload.

8) Americans… so that’s what Brexit felt like for our friends in Great Britain.

9) Clinton supporters look like they are part of the next mannequin challenge

10) #SchoolProblems

11) I could go for a Home Alone movie right about now.



 And yes, there were a lot of crying Jordan memes too.