There have been some bad social media campaigns over the years, but this one might just top them all.

Kit Kat’s social media producer and graphic designer should heed the words of the company’s slogan “Give me a break” for their roles in an embarrassing social media blunder ahead of Super Bowl Sunday.

The company tweeted out “Anyone else have a best friend in the Super Bowl? No, just us?,” while tagging New England Patriots tight end Martellus Bennett with a picture of what they thought was his last name on a Kit Kat jersey.


Hey Kit Kat, nothing like misspelling your “best friends” last name. Bennett made sure they heard about it, but luckily, the nine-year veteran and former second round draft pick responded in a playful way.

The twitter community quickly came to Bennett’s defense as well as took a couple of jabs at the candy maker for the epic fail.

Kit Kat admitted the mistake and made sure to apologize to most of the users who called them out too. Some of the tweets were playful, while some were just awkward.

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