WATCH: Jimmer Fredette Gets Into Scuffle With Stephon Marbury; Records Triple-Double In OT Win

Jimmer Fredette

China loves Jimmermania!

In just his second season, Jimmer Fredette has taken the league by storm after winning the Chinese Basketball Association’s International MVP Award last season.

The former BYU star continues to put up ridiculous numbers this year. In Friday’s 123-119 overtime win over the Beijing Fly Dragons, Fredette went off for 54 points, 13 rebounds and 10 assists for his first triple-double of the young season. It was his second consecutive 50-point performance, and pushed his season average to more than 40 points per game.

However, Fredette’s eye-popping performance was not the only highlight of the night as he got into it with former two-time NBA All-Star, and current CBA legend, Stephon Marbury.

After beating his guy off the dribble, Fredette got into the lane for what appeared to be a wide open layup. However, Marbury came over late and swatted the ball out of his hands. Marbury appeared to make contact with Fredette’s face as the former All-American then immediately ran over and shoved Marbury as the two exchanged “greetings.”

The two started jawing back and forth as they went chest-to-chest before the referees and other players came in to break things up.

It’s no surprise that Marbury still has some fire to him after flaming out in the NBA. Seven years removed from the NBA, Marbury has become the Michael Jordan of Chinese basketball and even led his team to a CBA title.

Marbury has a statue of himself holding up the 2012 CBA title and has another statue celebrating his first title with his teammates. There is even a Marbury museum just several miles away that showcases his entire basketball career, filled with old trophies, jerseys and a gift shop.

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But after seeing Jimmermania take over last year on top of his recent signature shoe deal with Chinese shoe brand 361 Degrees, Marbury isn’t going to let Fredette take his thunder so easily.

Fredette, the 10th pick in the 2011 NBA Draft, has struggled getting consistent playing time in the NBA and has bounced around in the league. However, after signing with the Shanghai Sharks, the former All-American signed a new contract and is enjoying life as evident by an Outside the Lines documentary highlighting all the success he’s had since making the move away from the NBA.

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