Rockets’ Mike D’Antoni Dreads Coming To Utah; Jazz Fans Hilariously Troll His ‘They Don’t Have A Starbucks’ comment

Mike D’Antoni

With a chance to play for the Utah Jazz, a team that went on to play in back-to-back NBA Finals, Derek Harper turned it down as the trade deadline went by telling reporters, “There was a Utah deal, but you go live in Utah.”

Rony Seikaly voided a trade to come to Utah and last year, the Golden State Warriors were upset after the Jazz beat the Los Angeles Clippers in Game 7 for its first playoff franchise victory since 2010. The Warriors’ reasoning: “There’s no nightlife in Utah.” Those comments quickly turned into hot-selling t-shirts as the Jazz organization donated all the proceeds for cancer research.

Now add Houston Rockets head coach Mike D’Antoni to the list after comments made by him were made public on Thursday in an article published by Sports Illustrated. The reigning Coach of the Year, admitted his obsession about Starbucks as he ritual includes always ordering a Venti, sugar-free, vanilla latte while reading the USA Today newspaper.

Having been in the league for more than 20 years now, D’Antoni has each Starbucks location memorized during the NBA season like the back of his hand… well, except for Utah.

“Utah’s one, it throws me for a loop. I’m serious,” he said. “I dread going there. I like Utah, but they don’t have a Starbucks.”

Wait… what! Utah doesn’t have a Starbucks???

As President Donald Trump would say, “That’s FAKE News,” Mr. D’Antoni. A simply search shows that there are nearly 10 Starbucks locations in a five-mile radius with two right down the street of The Grand America Hotel where NBA visiting teams always stay before games.

After D’Antoni’s comments went viral, Utah Jazz fans and writers and had a lot of fun it. Here are some of the top reactions so far:

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