After 56 seasons in San Diego, Chargers owner Dean Spanos made the decision to move the franchise to Los Angeles earlier this year.

Management, like most expected, was to have all the players move two hours north so they could be closer for practices, games, etc. However, one player that decided not to make the move was starting quarterback Philip Rivers who has spent his entire 13-year career playing for the Chargers in San Diego.

The six-time Pro Bowler decided he was going to stay in San Diego and commute to work despite the tough Southern California traffic. Crazy right?!

Rivers has several good reasons to do so as he did not want to relocate his wife and eight children. It also doesn’t hurt that his new SUV has been decked out and turned into a mobile quarterback room. So while his driver will be dealing with all the traffic, Rivers will enjoy his comfortable ride in style as he goes over the film and scouts out his next opponent. The ride comes with a 40-inch screen, WiFi, satellite TV among other amenities.

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“We just thought it was best for me and my family to go this route and that it was at least worth a try this first season, being that it wasn’t too far,” Rivers told ESPN. “There’s two things I didn’t want to compromise: I didn’t want to compromise my preparation/being a teammate. I love being a teammate, so I didn’t want to compromise that because I’m going back and forth. And I wasn’t going to compromise my time spent away from my family.”

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