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Hi, thank you for choosing Fan Insider and we look forward to working with you. Below is a guide for becoming a contributing writer, as well as what we are looking for in article submissions.

Please send an email to JustinGiles@fan-insider.com with a paragraph explaining who you are, your favorite sports teams and what you would like to write about.

Articles won’t be accepted unless they meet our standards which are highlighted below.

What We’re Looking For

Give Us Your Opinion: We want to hear from you and your analysis rather than regurgitated facts. Authors will also need to provide facts/links that will help back up their statements.

Show Us Your Stuff: The saying “nobody likes a showoff” doesn’t apply here at Fan Insider. Maybe you’ve correctly picked who would win the NBA Finals for the past 10 years in a row. We want to know, and those traveling to Las Vegas do too.

Call The Experts Out: ESPN’s Stephan A. Smith has been wrong for the past six consecutive seasons on who he thought would win the NBA Finals — despite having a 50/50 shot. Desmond Howard said that BYU has an advantage in football because players serve missions and are older and more mature. Something tells me that Desmond has never learned what a mission really involves.

Here at Fan Insider we pride ourselves on facts and calling the experts out. Don’t be afraid to tell them why they are wrong and why they should listen to you.

Write Clean: All submissions should be proofread already. While nobody is perfect, please be sure to look over it several times before submitting.

Headlines: We all know that your title is your baby, so make sure that you give it its best shot at life. Take some time to reflect on what you wrote and tell readers why they should read the article. Don’t go crazy or write headlines that won’t deliver on promises to readers.

Originality: Assuming you are writing about a well-covered topic — Tom Brady and Deflategate — bring some originality by giving readers a new perspective that other writers might have missed.

Quality: Last but not least, we are looking for articles that are high-quality. We always look for quality over quantity here at Fan Insider. Metrics that we look at are: Well-presented, entertaining, data-driven and a call to action for readers.

Have Fun: Most importantly, we want you to have fun and to let your voice be heard. If you have any questions, send us an email at JustinGiles@fan-insider.com

Sample Story Ideas


  • Which fantasy football players should you avoid and which ones are flying under the radar
  • The five most overrated and underrated teams heading into the season
  • Best free agent move and worst free agent move
  • NFL Draft… tell us who your top 5 would be this year.


  • If LeBron James is the best player in the NBA, then why wasn’t he paid the most
  • Why the Golden State Warriors won’t break the NBA record (73 wins) this year
  • Why XYZ team is going to win the NBA Championship this season

College Football

  • College football playoff update: Who hurt their stock and who impressed
  • Poll attacks: Calling out the worst/biased AP voters of the week
  • Week in review (highlights and lowlights from the past week)
  • National signing day winners and losers

College Basketball

  • Which teams always overachieve and which disappoint come NCAA Tournament time
  • Why it’s time for XYZ coach to call it quits
  • Why should XYZ coach get a raise